song 4 my GF

2012-01-23 22:02:20 by catwoman1337

i was put in a clinik for trying to off myself. Well Iost my gf but at least Im well again now.

Here is a song I wrote during my stay, its bout which is bout winning her back.

Baby Light-bulb

Oh Baby Lightbulb
Light me away
Im the tough guy

(fast rap)
Scaring away the Garbage man.
From throwing away the winos and the blacks.
And crushin them in his GARBAGE truck.
(now slow)
Oh Baby...
His got the strength of ten men,
'It's a dirty job' he sez
'but someones got to do it'
I'm trash and shit. Dont let me be next
Light up my good side,
I know u can.
You light the way- to my heart
So how about ridin dem my balls baaabyyyyy.

Ur my baby
Ur my baby
Ur my baby lightbulb.

Light my way outta this neighbour-
HOOD. (echo 4 ages)


2009-07-26 15:09:58 by catwoman1337

I made a film wher CATWOMAN LOSES instead of WINS
IT wud hav been da last episode

I MADE it and wuz vry sad and then deletedd it CATWOMAN MIST LIVE ON

DA best Artists (ME) always get famous after death > I hav notin left 2 show U

BRB OFF to hang myself

btw I wil let alll my fans here know if ther is an aftealife cuz i will post bac here from heven



2008-09-08 09:29:27 by catwoman1337